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Established in June, 1993, Kin Join Co., Ltd., which is dedicated itself in manufacturing thermoplastic elastomers, doing excellent as well as a professional producer for other plastic products like TPR Plastic, TPR, TPS, TPV, TPE, and still other engineering plastics.

Kin Join Co., Ltd.

Supplying the property of all plastic materials, Kin Join does well in its typical techniques—thermoforming & extruding. According to more than 25-year working experiences on plastic engineering, Kin Join's technicians are all well-trained and sophisticated in the field of thermoplastic vulcanization as well as thermoplastic elastomers, rarely stopping its steps in innovation. To elevate the quality for its thermoplastic elastomers.

Custom orders for TPE related products and delivery are certainly welcome in Kin Join. It always takes time and effort to consider for its clients, willing to produce types of with compound materials for any potential clients. Kin Join's R&D team always rack their brains to develop environmental-friendly thermoplastic plastics like thermoplastic vulcanization, keeping abreast of the state-of-art skills and machines for improving its competition capability on TPV, TPR or TPU products.

Due to its enterprise spirit, Kin Join insists to supply high quality TPE products with stable production and high value-added materials. Not only excelling in overseas marketing, Kin Join also focuses on expanding domestic demands, selling engineering plastics of Nan Ya to serve for its clients. If you have any further questions on our TPR, TPU and related thermoplastic elastomers products, please contact us by website/phone/fax anytime with your convenience.


R & D companies uphold the spirit of excellence, research and development of environmentally friendly thermal plastic flexible plastic, to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, to provide a stable, high-quality and high-value-added raw materials, and of the company and its customers grow together, take account of the Earth environmental protection contribute effort.


1993Taiwan set up Kin Join Co., Ltd.
2001China's Fujian Province set up Fu Zhou Kunsun Alloy Plastic Co., Ltd.
2010Quanzhou, Fujian, China set up 10,000 tons TPU specialized factories.

Our Services

Supply the property of all plastic materials (includes TPE, TPR orTPU).
Consults for the technology of materials finished process.
Suggestion of products design, molds developed.
Develop new application formula to match clients' needs.
Supply consults and quotation of special plastic materials.
Procsee elastomer compound materials for clients.

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