TPE has rubber elasticity, excellent physical prop- erties, cold resistance and electrical insulation, and can be molded by general plastic machinery and mold. Suitable for injection, extrusion, blown film and calendering. Compared with traditional rubber, the sulfurization process is omitted, which has the advantages of simple processing, short molding cycle, high production efficiency, recycla- ble scrap, economical material, stable product quality and light specific gravity.

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1. High tensile and low compression variants.
2. Low processing costs.
3. Easy to process / free of sulfur.
4. The rubber feels good.

5. Good mechanical properties.
6. 100% recycling
7. Low temperature resistance
8. Chemical resistance
9. Excellent extensibility
10. Good weather resistance

Various soles, heels, heel sets, uppers and uppers.

Sports Equipment:
Diving equipment, grips, snow boots, toys, Frisbee and water ski equipment.

automobile parts:
Wiper strips, seat belt covers, protective covers, baffles, wheel covers, body trims, air ducts, bushings, steering wheel bumpers and accessories.

Industrial products:
Computer phone keyboard, drain gasket, rubber roller, tool handle, hose connector, universal hose, water spray nozzle knob.

Household products:
Bathroom slip pads, toilet parts, refrigerator seals, door and window air seals, slip floor tiles, sealed can gaskets, bowl mats, coasters, pad cushions, foot mats.

Medical equipment: syringe thermos parts, disposable nipples, toddler bites, gas masks.

Plastic modifiers, adhesives, building materials and joint fillers.