TPV is a kind of thermoplastic soft rubber compound which has rubber elasticity and does not need vulcanization and can be directly processed (such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, etc.). TPE plastic raw material is a kind of rubber with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience and injection molding processing. It has environmental protection, non-toxic safety, wide hardness range and excellent coloring.

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TPE application features:
1. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe
2. Wide range of hardness
3. Excellent touch and softness
4. Excellent coloring, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance
5. Small specific gravity, superior processing performance, no need to cure
6. Can be recycled to reduce product cost
7. Replacement rubber, soft PVC and some enamel rubber
8. It can be over-molded and coated with PP, PS, PE,PC, PA, ABS and other base materials. It can also be molded separately and can be used for plastic reinforcement and toughening modification. The self-reinforcing property is large, the formula is simplified, the influence of the auxiliary agent on the polymer is small, and the quality performance is easier to grasp. The advantages of TPE are outstanding, and various new TPE products are also being developed. As a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly rubber raw material.