TPU products are usually granular, and the processing methods include: injection, extrusion, calendering, blow molding, molding, spinning, etc., wherein injection molding and extrusion molding applications account for up to 70% or more. And TPU can also be used to make elastic fibers. Synthetic leather resin, adhesive. Therefore, the application range of polyurethane elastomer is very wide. The comprehensive performance of TPU products is outstanding, and it is applied in almost all fields. It is a new generation of engineering plastics and is one of the economical and recyclable environmentally friendly plastic elastomers.

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1. Excellent wear and tear resistance.

2. It has anti-hydrolysis and antibacterial effects.

3. Excellent cold resistance and tortuosity.

4. It is a green plastic material with flame retardant and oil resistant properties.

5. Due to the excellent processing characteristics and the valuable characteristics of rubber and plastic, it is incomparable to the same type of plastic. 
Injection level: auto parts, machine parts, electronic parts, sports shoes, shoe soles, women's shoes, rollers, straps, toys, sports protective gear, special protective gear, special rubber, animal ear tags, And other plastic products.

Extrusion grade: wire and cable, pipe, film, sheet, fabric, clothing nail, shoulder strap, and others. Blow molding grade: plastic bottles, water hoses, sports shoes, air cushions, toys, etc.